Monday, February 24, 2014

Daily Draft: Lost

Hopelessly lost, and all other options exhausted, Toast stepped onto the teleporter pad looking for a way back to anything recognizable. He emerged onto a field, otherwise empty save for a domed home a short walk away. Shadows lifted from the map within his mind and he at once knew where he was again. But instead of instantly travelling home again, he lingered, intrigued by the simple-looking building. He approached, slowly, almost cautiously, despite not knowing why he felt apprehension toward this place. Toast found the home to be empty, seemingly abandoned some years passed. Not finding answers to any of his questions, Toast opened a portal back to VOID City, putting this strange place behind him. Though there was no one there to hear it, a quiet sobbing filled the air at Toast's parting, from the ghost that still haunts this place, for the husband she lost long ago.