Wednesday, June 7, 2017

General Media Thoughts

Here's some things I've wanted to comment on and never made posts about...

=== TV ===
Fargo - We're five or six episodes behind at this point. We started falling behind before leaving on vacation and then decided to just wait until we were back before re-starting. But still, it's great. As is pretty much everything on FX.

Archer - I start getting antsy for this series around January each year. This seasons was amazingly well written and featured violence I'm surprised they got on TV.

Better Call Saul - Another series I start impatiently waiting for once the New Year rolls around. I love watching this all unfold, knowing where these characters wind up in Breaking Bad and seeing how they get there. Odenkirk is amazing.

American Gods - Is no one talking about this? It's fantastic. The series started by closely adapting the novel, but is starting to take liberties like Game of Thrones. I never see it on Sunday, but want to watch it once we sit down on Monday night.

12 Monkeys - A little weird for a network to put out an entire season over a weekend, but whatever, it worked really well. We binged the hell out of this. It's nuts how far this show has gone over a few short seasons.

=== Movies ===
Assassin's Creed - I don't know how it was possible, but someone managed to take the story of Assassin's Creed and make it incredibly boring. Coincidentally, I was just reading an article about Alien: Covenant which stated Fassbender isn't a 'box office draw' and cited Assassin's Creed. Maybe shitty movies aren't a box office draw.

Edge of Seventeen - This was good. Kinda stand-out from the rest of this list, but if you're into coming of age type stories, give this a whirl.

Underworld: Blood Wars - 14 years later and they're still telling the same story as the first movie. At this point, Beckinsale should team up with Milla and do a badass movie together.

Wonder Woman - As stated elsewhere, I thought this was fucking amazing. My only problem is that the Germans weren't speaking German but accented English. Even Assassin's Creed spoke in native languages and subtitles it.

Baywatch - Funny, but not as good as the Jump Street movies.

Pirates 5 - If they make a Pirates 6, blame me. I contributed to this situation. You should not.

=== Comics ===
Namwolf - The first two issues are short reads, but they're also super fun.

The Fix - The one Nick Spencer book you should be reading.

Rock Candy Mountain - Ridiculous fun. Definitely give the first issue a try.

=== Trailers ===
Megan Leavey - There's something about this trailer that chokes me up.

Transformers - I just want this movie to come out so I can stop seeing the trailer.