Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Last Week's Comics Today - 11/22/2016

A whole lot of Honorable Mentions this week, but I knew the Pick of the Week way back on Thursday when it was the third book I read.  Then I finished Ether tonight and had to make room.

Pick of the Week
Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #2 - I loved every second of this.  It's just entered my short list of favorite titles being published, and would hold that spot even if so many other favorites weren't currently on hiatus.  It's a neat action adventure with the perfect amounts of comedy and mystery.  And the visuals are perfect.  I've been a fan of Oeming for years - here, he's at the top of his game.

Ether #1 - Wow, I need to add this to my pull list.  Rubin draws the fantastic, fantastically.  Anyone that's read The Fiction should know this, but I don't think that was very many people.  Kindt impresses me, but I tend not to care about whatever hero he's writing.  Just personal preference, nothing against the guy's writing.  These two, are perfect together for this book.  Real gut-punch of an ending.  Recommended.

Honorable Mention
Black Hammer #5 - We learn quite a bit about Colonel Weird this issue, and it's pretty tragic.  It's also outstanding, and that's all I'm going to say about it.

Briggs Land #4 - I sometimes say, "not much happens" because some people care about the amount of story progression they get when they're spending a few bucks on ~20 pages. It's not something I generally prescribe to, but I get it.  Here, the "not much" is actually quite a bit of character development which will have considerable consequences.  It was great, and it's books like this that prove to me it's not always a bad thing when not much happens.

Kill Or Be Killed #4 - Another strong issue.  Novice serial killer screws up a kill?  Yeah, that makes sense.  On top of that is all the usual inner-monologue greatness, two relationships falling apart, a stripper punching a dude in the face, and imaginary racism.  Even if the art weren't great (it is), I'd be reading this on the strength of the writing alone.  That the art IS so great makes this one of the best books on the stands.

Lady Killer 2 #3 - It's been a while since a book filled me with dread.  That this was due to the opening of a garage door and not the walls and floor covered in blood on page one, is impressive.  In this issue we learn just what the deal is with the mother-in-law (she's mildly understandable?!) and see the ramifications of the decide Josephine was faced with last issue.  Now, she's got another decision to make.  Top notch, as always.

Moonshine #2 - If it weren't for bad luck, Lou Pirlo wouldn't have any luck at all.  I could try to say something about the issue and what happens - and I've actually tried - instead, I'm just going to say it's some of Azzarello and Risso's best work.  Ever.  If you like this team, you should already be reading this.

Superman #11 - Clark and Bruce try to force their sons to work together and the results are fun action from cover-to-cover.  I'm signing up for Super Sons, because seeing Jon and Damien together is just a blast.

Everything Else
Lucifer #12 - This seemed... not exactly rushed, but set at a dramatically faster pace than previous issues and the previous series.  A helluva lot happens here and I feel like the these things would have traditionally been spaced out more for plans to develop and increased dramatic effect.  It's fine as-is, but compared to the rest of Lucifer, this issue read like it was on fast-forward.

Invincible #131 - Two things: 1) I had hoped Ottley would be back (he's not) and 2) That fight was pretty unsatisfying (mostly because it doesn't conclude).  Still, it's new Invincible, and I'll take what I can get.  This should wrap up next issue and Ottley will be back after that for the final 12-issue arc.  I'm both excited and terrified.

Justice League #9 - I don't know.  Based on the strength of the opening arc, I'll stick it out to see if the series recovers, but this is not a good arc.

Reborn #2 - Nothing to be suspicious about, just a family member acting shady as fuck.  If there's a "good place" (not the TV show) and a "bad place" and you've looked all over the good place for someone only to not find them... well, I'm sure they're around here somewhere!  Also, dead cats talking on two legs while dead dogs are mute and on four.  Much better than the first issue, despite the above sounding rather down on it.  Officially adding it to my pull list.

Trinity #3 - Last issue was spent with Clark and his father.  This issues sees the Waynes die (a-fucking-gain) and the aftermath of that event on young Bruce.  The art is particularly impressive, with panel layouts reminiscent of Williams on Batwoman.  Also 1: Mama Lois ain't playing around.  Also 2: At least there's narration on the page with Dr. Quinzel acting as shrink to young Bruce explaining how the details are all wrong.  Also 3: Looks like we're in this story for a while as the February solicits just came out and it's still going.