Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Suicide Squad and Superhero Movies

A friend that'd been out of town asked about Suicide Squad, which my wife and I watched on Friday.  We both enjoyed it, which is about all I've said to anyone about it when asked.  But he pressed for more and I struggled to find the words.

There's a lot of movies that are okay - not great and not terrible.  I tend to keep my movie "reviews" short, to about a sentence, and as general as possible.  Because there's just too much to encapsulate otherwise and I just don't want to go into that about movies I'm not passionate enough to love or hate.

This is what I eventually said:
It's... I don't know... it's funny, it's violent, it's mostly good but kind of a weak villain.  It's basically a darker Marvel movie (or less comedic Deadpool?) that might give you Pacific Rim flashbacks with the amount of rain at night.

I'm a little afraid using comedy and action to distract from an otherwise poor script might be the new superhero formula.  Marvel's been using it for years, then Deadpool ramped it up to 11, and now DC is getting in the game with Suicide Squad.

Filling a script with comedy and action to make a movie "fun" is hardly limited to superhero movies, but up until this year I've enjoyed the different takes Sony, Fox, and Warner Brothers were taking with their respective properties.

I'm always hopeful the next one will be different, but I'm mostly disappointed.  Entertained, sure, (except in rate instances like Fantastic Four) but there's always a nagging "...but it coulda been better." in the back of my head afterward.