Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cable 22, and the Hope (ha HA!) of a Better One

Not much new in comics, except for Cable 22, but man, I can't wait for this series to be over. Two years of Bishop chasing Cable and Hope through time, everyone spouting off the same crap about killing/protecting month-after-month. The highlight of the entire series is the X-Force crossover, everything else has been pretty lame.

Since early on in this series, I've thought Cable would ultimately die at the end of it. He was an old man to begin with, and has aged another 18 years on top of that throughout the series. My secondary prediction is that once Cable's dead, he'll be replaced within the Marvel Universe by an younger/alternate version of himself.

I know it's popular to make fun of 90s comics, but I was a fan at the time; as were many others, even if they don't want to admit it now. I've always had a soft-spot for ol' Nate, the time-travelling badass trying to prevent his horrific future from happening. It's the sort of thing that hits all the right notes for me - science, time travel, the future, mercenaries, doing the right thing at all costs... throw in a hot chick (he used to have Domino), and I'm all set.

Cable Volume 3: Stranded Premiere HCAfter all this time protecting Hope, Cable's not the same man he used to be. Recently, she's been protecting or saving him as often or more than he is her. He certainly could be re-integrated back into Marvel continuity in his current state, but I can't imagine in what capacity. Besides, comics are a medium where anytime characters stray too far from their roots, they get 'reimagined.' Ordinarily, I'd be all for moving on, keeping the continuity, and not resetting a character, but Cable's the new Wolverine in terms of screwed-up history. A reboot should help him out of the current mess and hopefully he's given to a writer that understands him well enough to see that through.

Back to the comic at-hand - why am I still reading it if it's bad? Sometimes even terrible movies pique the audience's interest enough that you want to know how it ends. With only a few issues left, I'm mostly curious if I'm right.

Side note: I've never really given a damn about Bishop (though he did make my team in X-Men Legends), but hopefully he'll get a reboot after this storyline as well, since he's essentially been destroyed as a character.

P.S.: I'll be sure to post something comics related that I actually enjoy soon. I'm working my way through Rocketo (hat tip to Elio), but haven't formulated my thoughts on that one yet.