Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Indie Corner - 09/11/2013

Each week I'll spotlight a couple independent books I've read and may have flown under people's radar.

Hit #1
This book mines the same vein as the Gangster Squad movie did earlier this year, with period LA cops doing very questionable things in their off hours. I loved it.  It's only a four issue series, and I'll be telling my comic guy tomorrow to pull the rest for me.  It's well written, excellent art, and plenty of story to sink your teeth into for a first issue.  Recommended.

Things aren't going well for our survivalist survivors.  Surviving survivalists?  Trust and alliances are wavering, some truths are discovered, and some characters are beginning to act like the unsupervised children they are.  This book makes me feel things I don't normally feel when reading a comic.  The sort of creeping dread I get from Walking Dead is all over this book, but I never realize it until I hit the end and relief washes over me.  At this point, a trade can't be far, and I suggest picking it up for anyone that hasn't been following the series.  Recommended.

I've mentioned this before, but I need to switch this to trades.  There's too many characters and personal plots for me to keep track of on a once per month basis.  But that's me, your mileage may vary.  I'm still enjoying this, still finding it interesting and I'm still interested in where it's all going... but I need more when I sit down to read this.

It seems we've entered one of those "domestic periods" in Invincible, where the characters aren't punching planets in half and instead we're treated to some quiet moments at home... and on the moon.  While I'm sure the Thragg storyline will come back around eventually, I'm very curious what's going on with Robot.  Not a whole lot going on in this issue, but various pots continue to be stirred.

This book is the perfect example of why Hickman can't be trusted.  I loved the The Nightly News and because of that, immediately bought the Transhuman trade.  Huge mistake.  Now, each new series, I pick up the first issue to see which Hickman shows up.  This is actually co-written by Hickman with Mike Costa, so I don't know who to blame for this mostly recitation of facts and GPS coordinates, but ultimately, I didn't like it and won't be picking up the rest of the series.  I recommend Manhattan Projects or East of West instead.