Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Last Week's Comics Today - 11/08/2016

Hard to pick a top book this week, so I'm giving it to two.

Pick of the Week
Moon Knight #8 - Some people have a problem with this arc, or perhaps even the series not making enough sense.  This is not a problem I have.  It makes enough sense to me that I'm simply enjoying the ride.  And it's an awesome ride.  Next issue will probably make more sense.  Probably.

Unworthy Thor #1 - The unworthy Odinson is back!  And it was awesome.  Thor fans of all sexes should check this out as it seems to be the first step in his return.  Recommended.

Honorable Mention
Bitch Planet #9 - Even with the massive break between issues, it was easy to pick up the plot threads again.  I wasn't the only one - everything picks up exactly where it left off, making this an issue where quite a bit happens.  Inmates are loose at the beginning and things escalate until the dramatic final page.  If you weren't reading before, you really should jump on now.

Superman #10 - This was not what I was expecting from when I read Batman and Damian would be making an appearance.  I guess, I was actually expecting something like the first issue of Trinity - civilian clothes, a little meet-n-greet... but pretty much the completely opposite of that happened.  It was brilliant and mildly disturbing.  Really looking forward to next issue.

Sheriff Of Babylon #12 - Ooph, what an issue  We end were we began.  I saw something last week referring to these 12 issues as "season 1" implying there will be more.  I haven't seen anything that confirms this, but I would absolutely buy more if King and Gerads continue.

Everything Else
Catwoman: Election Night #1 - I skipped the Catwoman story completely, only buying this because of Prez.  And it was fairly disappointing, really only opening old wounds again.  It was a nice, short comic with all the usual sature and humor, but it wasn't enough.  It mostly just served as a reminder of what I'm missing.  As for Catwoman, she went through so many writers and direction changes during New52, it's clear no one at DC knows what to do with her.

DC Comics Bombshells #19 - This issue and last seem to be slipping in the writing department.  Harvey Dent used to be mayor.  By the end of this issue, he's essentially Alfred.  Oh, and everyone's a lesbian.  The fuck?!

Justice League #8 - Destruction on a global scale that nearly shook the planet apart in this series' opening arc... and only one person on the planet died?  A random white mother in Colorado?  Fuck you.  I was a huge fan of this series and now I kind of hate it.

Lady Mechanika: La Dama De La Muerte #2 - None of this went down how I expected.  Last issue, I was confused how it was going to wrap up with only two issues to go.  This issue, I hit about the mid-point of the book and thought I knew how, and then everything gets turned on its head again.  I fully admit to initially liking Lady Mechanika for the art.  It's been apparent before, but this issue more than any other shows the uniqueness of the writing.  And that's something I'm constantly looking for.  I'm constantly on the lookout for something fresh and new - this is it!  And there's nice art on top of it.

Lake Of Fire #3 - I was planning to make this my last issue... but then I got to the last few pages.  The abundance of talking finally comes to an end and small group of survivors decide to take the fight to the creatures.  That's good enough to get me back for one more.

Transformers: Till All Are One Revolution #1 - Not real clear on what this means for the future of Till All Are One as one of leads - Windblade - is requested to remain on Earth.  This was certainly better than last week's Revolution tie-in, but that bar was so low it was underground.  Blind faith is the name of the game here, and ultimately, I think Optimus makes the right call, but for the wrong reason.  Skip.

Unfollow #13 - Focus on Akira in a flashback issue.  I'd say no one dies this issue, but that wouldn't be true.

Wicked & Divine #23 - I opened this, was confused, and put it back down to read later when I have more time.  A magazine-style series of articles on the pantheon is certainly unique and interesting, but not the kind of thing I could read on lunch with a bunch of noise around me.  While this is less of a review than my usual comments, I did accurately describe it, which is more than I do for some books.