Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Last Week's Comics Today - 11/15/2016

Small week, but the The Paybacks blew everything else out of the water.  It's the only book with a thumbnail cover this week for extra emphasis.  Also because the bottom half of the list don't deserve them.

Pick of the Week
The Paybacks #4 - I can't stop thinking about this issue. I read it last Thursday or Friday and not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about the many brilliant scenes from this issue. This isn't a recommendation, I'm telling you to buy this trade when it's released. It's hard to tell from the if this is the end. If so, I'm okay with this being the end of a highly entertaining series full of action, comedy, and homages to well known superheroes from the Big Two. But I'd love to get more.

Honorable Mention
Casanova Acedia #7 - Things are beginning to take shape.  It's been a long, weird road, but I feel the end is nearly in sight for this version of Cass.  That sentence probably won't make any sense to anyone not already reading the title, but anyone not reading the title shouldn't be reading this "review" to make that decision.  If you're interested in the names Matt Fraction, Fabio Moon, and/or Gabriel Ba, you should absolutely go back to the original series (collected a few times, including digitally) and start from there.  It's worth it.

Gotham Academy Second Semester #3 - The witches arc wraps up here, but sets the stage in a major way for the next.  Also, maps makes an enemy without even realizing it, which is certain to unfold in some fun and unexpected ways. Double Also, Olive's roommate turns out to be even fishier than originally thought.  And finally, a character is revealed to have feelings for another, though not the one I'd thought since the series began.  In all, a whole lot of seeds were planted here for future storylines.  I'm looking forward to all of it.

Green Valley #2 - This picks up one year after the naked rampaging knight finale of the first issue.  That first issue lead with establishing the main characters, gave a little action, focused on the characters again, and finished just as the action was picking up again.  This follows roughly the same pattern, though the action is far more subdued.  Still, one helluva cliffhanger, just like the first issue.  I care about these characters and am enjoying where the story is going.  Recommended.

Everything Else
All Star Batman #4 - So now we know what awaits Harvey and Batman at the end of the journey.  It should be interesting when they finally get there.  And they'll definitely get there.  All of this is just killing time until the end we all know is coming.  I didn't mean to make this sound predictable or timesome, but I think that's coming out because it's how I really feel deep down.  In summary: things get even more ridiculous and they still haven't arrived.

Lumberjanes Gotham Academy #6 - If you didn't read this as it was coming out and were waiting for the trade because you like either or both properties - don't.  It's less than the sum of its parts.

Mother Panic #1 - This would have been better if it had been more clear.  It became clear as I re-read portions, but things basically hinge on one character that doesn't get a good establishing shot early in the comic.  Batman shows up, because of course he does.  It was a small week for me so I decided to give this a shot.  I won't be picking up another.

Shipwreck #2 - I've tried to pinpoint something, anything really, about this issue that makes it more coherent than the first issue and come up with nothing.  Yet, somehow I feel it is.  I don't know where this book is taking me, but I'm enjoying the ride.

Wonder Woman #10 - This was okay.  I've been ready for this origin story to be over since the second issue of the arc.  Really, I only care about the modern Wonder Woman storyline and am too lazy to tell my comic shop to only grab the odd issues for me.