Monday, January 23, 2017

Last Week's Comics Today - 01/24/2017

I thought about creating a special category below "Everything else" just for Black Widow and Justice League this week.  Read on to find out why.

Pick of the Week
Superman #15 - I was wrong.  Last time I said this would cross over with Action Comics, but that's the Superman Reborn arc which is coming in March.  And I'm still skipping the Action half because I don't like Jurgens.  However, this isn't that.  Multiplicity is on fire!  Writing, art, all of it's amazing.  Basically a continuation of Grant Morrison's Multiversity bookend storyline.

Honorable Mention
Black Road #6 - I got to the last page here and said, "Holy shit."  Which is, unintentionally, a little funny given the context.  Even given the break between the last arc and the new one here, there was no problem picking up where it had left off.  It's brilliant, brutal, beautiful, and if the plan on the last page is the story for this arc, I want nothing more than to be reading more right now.

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #4 - As much as I want more Powers, it's been clear for a long time that that's not where Bendis' priorities are at.  I'm extremely glad someone has put Oeming to work, since he's perfect for this book.  The character designs, fantastic settings, emotion, violence... he excels at all of it.  It's also really well written.

Descender #18 - Whaaat?  There are some surprising turns of events here.  Look, for the last 17 issues I've been writing about how great this series is.  This issue is no different.  Get it, see what all the alien/robot goodness is all about.

Kill Or Be Killed #5 - If you're not reading this, you're genuinely missing out.  It's easily one of the best written books on the market.  There's a slight time-skip from last issue in which Dylan gets better at killing people without nearly getting himself killed.  I actually winced while writing that because I remember how the issue ended.  Get it!

Trinity #5 - Things that were confusing before make sense now after the explanations given here.  This continues to be a fun read and gorgeous to look at.  Props to Manapul for pulling off both the writing and art so well.

Everything Else
Black Hammer Annual - If you like Black Hammer, read this.  It's a nice collection of stories about each of the cast members, with each one drawn by a different artist.  It's nice.

Black Widow #10 - A few things of consequence happen this issue, but those cover about three pages.  The rest of the book left me wonder, "What was the point of all that?"  If this gets cancelled and renumbered again, I'm out.

Curse Words #1 - I read this on Monday, after hearing nothing but praise about this book for days.  I don't know if that set expectations too high or what, but I don't get what all the hype was about.  It's alright, but it's basically just all character establishment.  I expected more from Soule.  The art is okay.

The Few #1 - You need to pay a tiny bit of attention here because the time jumps aren't immediately obvious.  Other than that, everything is great.  Action, interesting characters, a mission, a twist, and all told with great art.  This is getting added to my pull.

Justice League #13 - There's no reason to buy this.  No wait, even if you get this for free, there's no reason to read it.

Justice League Suicide Squad #5 - Whenever The League get taken out or possessed or incapacitated in some way, it's always Batman that's unaffected.  Because of course it's Batman.  He needs to save them to show how awesome he is.  The same is true here.  Also, the actual bad guy of the series is finally revealed -- scratch that -- finally shows up.  Because DC marketing revealed the character months ago.  Despite all of the above, it's still a fun series.  Especially Lobo.

Lucifer #14 - That's Constantine, right?  I mean, except she's a woman.  But other than that...  Anyway, new writer taking over with this issue and I was concerned at first.  Just like I was with Holly Black until I read the first issue.  The same holds true here.  All the plates are still spinning and not a step was missed.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #6 - The Turtles get a Clayface-equivalent in this Mikey-focused issue.  For reasons I won't go into for spoilers, Pitarra is an outstanding choice for artist this issue.  Which makes sense, since he had a hand in the story too.  And a nice bit of history as a back-up story.