Monday, January 2, 2017

Last Week's (ish) Comics Today - 01/02/2014

Here's a mish-mash of books from the last two weeks as I catch-up.  Expect at least one more of these as I read and figure out if I have anything to say about what's soon to be the last three week's worth of comics.

Pick of the Week
Klaus & Witch Of Winter One Shot - I get the feeling Morrison would like to write Doctor Who.  The whole formula is on display here - Klaus comes in like a whirlwind into a normal person's life at a moment of distress referencing awesome sounding events we'll likely never see.  He quickly gets to work using his bizarre abilities and the day is ultimately saved by the power of love.  It's really quite enjoyable, even if this sounds like I'm shitting on it (and Doctor Who by extension).  Dan Mora remains an incredible talent and deserving of wider recognition.

Honorable Mention
Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #3 - As soon as I opened the cover I thought, "Man, I love Oeming."  Then I started reading and remembered the writing is funny and heartfelt with action and just the right amount of weird.  It's wonderful.

Trinity #4 - I'm not sure what's going on between Batman and Wonder Woman, but I hope it gets addressed and not abandoned again like that forever Evil tease that was never followed up on.  Anyway, we've seen Superman's and Batman's past the last two issues, so this issue we focus on Wonder Women.  And it's good.  Better even than he current ongoing.  The last page reveals (maybe?) who's behind this group hallucination while outside, Lois deals with the physical end of things.  Still not sure where any of this is leading, but I'm enjoying the ride.

Everything Else
All Star Batman #5 - If I'm being honest, I stuck this series out hoping a) it would end well and b) the next arc would be better.  The first didn't come true.  Here's hoping the second does.

Sidenote: A friend wanted to know my thoughts on this issue, so I opened in while still at the shop just to take a peak... and was reminded it was drawn by Romita.  So I immediately closed it again and then put off reading it for two days.

Lake Of Fire #5 - Seeing knights fight aliens was great once again.  Unfortunately, there was also a bunch of talking when characters should have been taking action.  The exact same problem in this week's TMNT Universe.  There's no indication the series will continue, but if it does, I won't be picking it up without a serious increase in alien presence.

Justice League Suicide Squad #1 - A better start to an event comic than I expected.  In recent years I've come to believe event series start great, and at about the midway or three-quarters mark, fall flat on their face.  Ultimately, time will tell here, but it's a really strong start.

Justice League Suicide Squad #2 - Clearly, Batman doesn't believe in redemption.  I've been playing Arkham Knight the recently and when combined with this, makes me wonder just what the hell Batman is accomplishing.  Nothing productive, that's for sure.  The issue features just about every member of both teams momentarily getting the upper hand on a member of the opposing team.  Then Killer Frost levels up and Waller gets the upper hand on EVERYONE.  I'm enjoying it.  It's kinda like a Geoff Johns event, but with less splash pages.

Justice League #11 - Is Batman broke?  Synder screwed him pretty hard at the end of New52, but I haven't kept up with what King and Tynion have done with him since.  The reason I ask is, following a massive brawl across a Denver suburb that resulted in many destroyed homes, he promises Wayne will pick up the tab.  Given the close continuity between the JL vs SS and Batman issues this week, this feels a little off.  (And in more ways than just Batman's wealth, which admittedly, I have have not kept up with.)

Superman #13 - A bit of a low point for an otherwise excellent series.  Maybe it's for the lack of Jon.  Superman and Lois are acting a bit too familiar in "public" while Frankenstein and his bride fight over a criminal/bounty.  With Multiplicity starting up next issue, I hope things return to their regular greatness.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #5 - A standalone issue featuring Hob, Leatherhead, and Hun.  It's alright.  A whole lot of talking when people should be taking action instead.  Also the conclusion to Leo's back-up story which you should be able to guess if you've been paying any attention at all.  Makes me question whether to continue with the series or not.

Mighty Thor #14 - Malekith is a such a dick.  I've believed for a while that he's the end antagonist for Aaron's overall run, and that eventually he'll receive the beatdown he deserves... but before that we'll have a war with Shi'ar for, I don't know, because the Shi'ar haven't received a beating in a while and someone felt they were due?