Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Indie Corner - 08/21/2013

Each week I'll spotlight a couple independent books I've read and may have flown under people's radar.

A tiny bit more subdued than last issue, letting the plot develop and building the world(s) with political statements on the front line and corporate statements coming from the TV control room.  Then the action kicks off again the final pages.  Really looking forward to next issue.  This is probably one of the rare series I buy in singles and again in the eventual collected trade.  It's good.

I actually misplaced issue two until a short while ago, so I read two and three back-to-back.  I dig the series, but am hard pressed to tell you why.  Art by Becky Cloonan is certainly part of it, but the book feels like an independent movie.  By that I mean, the story certainly isn't being spoon-fed to us.  We have to work for it and try to piece things together ourselves.  I enjoy that, perhaps, in this case, more than I normally would.

Things get interesting.  Still, not much has actually happened, but things are certainly building, and I continue to be intrigued.  This would be an excellent candidate for trade-waiting since you'd be able to get more story in a single sitting.  I'll keep checking out individual issues until either something happens or I get bored and drop it.  Bonus: there's a preview at the back for Velvet, from Brubaker and Epting.  I was looking forward to it before, and am even more so now.

I picked this up last week because I'd read something good about it just before leaving for the comic shop.  Turns out, it's not that good.  Mildly amusing, sure, but not as funny as it thinks it is.  Also, too heavily laced with English linguistic ticks.  Skip.

Lots of interesting things going on here.  And more than that, this issue made me feel things - sadness, tension, intrigue.  Enough to make me realize that doesn't happen often.  I honestly wasn't sure I'd still be into this series, but the last few pages alone are enough to make me buy more.  Really curious where this is going next.  Recommended.