Monday, December 1, 2014

Indie Corner - 11/26/2014

Each week I'll spotlight a couple independent books I've read and may have flown under people's radar.

To people that have complained not enough happens in this book - this is the issue where things happen.  Pieces have been slowly moving for a while, and here several take action.  I can't even say, because unless you've been reading, none of it would mean anything.  I'll simply say this: there's one more issue and then a collection coming in February.  If the gods are good, another series will follow.

I don't think there's a word for this comic other than "ambitious."  The opening gatefold is, perhaps, the craziest thing I've seen in a comic, even topping the foldout/poster in Superman Unchained #1.

I've been making my way through a lot of The Classics over the last couple years, but The Odyssey remains on my "to read" list.  Someone said this issue is easier to understand if you've read the classic, but I didn't find it particularly difficult to follow.  The actual writing seems to be adapting The Odyssey to the form, while obviously changing the setting to space and many character's gender has been flipped.  The art is simultaneously gorgeous and weird.  It's a hard thing to explain, but the only book even close to it would be Brandon Graham and Simon Roy's Prophet.

After finishing the book, I immediately thought I wouldn't be picking up the second issue.  But the more I think about it, the more compelled I am to read more.  I really want to see how this mad experiment plays out.

This series continues to impress.  In trying to write this review though, I struggled to summarize the issue beyond that first sentence.  Basically, Rasputin meets some new friends, gets in a fight (or two), and leaves home.  Doesn't sound like much, but the dialogue is great and the art is exceptional.  I may wind up switching this to trades so I can get more story in a single chunk.

That's not at all how I expected this issue to end.  If you recall - and I hope you do - Jack's sword has been broken.  Last issue presented an opportunity to correct that, and in this issue, Jack is tested to see if he's worthy.  It's a quick read, classic Jack, and as I said, things don't go as expected.  The cover to next issue is Jack unsheathing his sword, so... we'll see.  For the moment, they're a bit bleak.

Two issues of Ninja Turtles in the same week.  It's not even my birthday.  Contrasting with the Ghostbusters issue below, this issue is almost entirely a fight scene with virtually everyone against Bebop and Rocksteady.  It feels like these two have grown stronger since the last time the turtles faced them.  That, and the turtles are working less well as a team.  With all that, Splinter earns his title of "master," Raph and Alopex share a quiet moment, Casey gets a job, and one of the craziest last pages of the entire series.  A lot of great stuff is packed into this issue.

I'm just going to say this up front: this issue ends with a turtle wearing a proton pack.  Does that interest you?  If so, check out the series.  This issue is almost entirely interaction between the two  groups, with several awesome scenes, and me loving every second of it.  Standout among them was Winston with Leo.  Perfect.