Monday, December 29, 2014

Indie Corner - 12/24/2014

Each week I'll spotlight a couple independent books I've read and may have flown under people's radar.

This will be my last issue of Black Science.  I haven't hidden the fact that I'm generally dissatisfied with the book.  Last issue I said I'd give it until the end of the arc (this issue) to impress me.  While reading, I had the sense of watching The Walking Dead.  There's definitely parts I enjoy, but afterward, far too often, I asked myself, "What the hell just happened?"  This issue sets up a lot of things, both story and character elements, that I imagine will play out for quite some time.  While it'd be nice to see some of that unfold, I watched The Walking Dead for too long and have read this for too long.
They're Not Like Us 1

This is one that's going to take a few issues before I figure out where it's going and whether I like it or not.  I get a vague sense of resistance and rebellion, but can't tell much else.  There's the opening attention grabber, then a large chunk of the issue is taken up by an escape, meeting the rest of the cast, and a cliffhanger for a last line.  The art's good and it's well written but other than that..?  I'll stick around for a few issues to see where this is all heading.

I had to read this twice.  "Had" might be a little strong, but... you really have to see it.  I wanted to read it again.  It's gorgeous.  There's a whole thing with faeries and the ghost of his father that's following him around... like I said, you'd have to see it.  And honestly, that whole thing made more sense than the actions of the blond monk.  I don't know what that guy's up to, but this book is nuts and I love it.

Turtles with proton packs, Ghostbusters eating pizza, Casey gets some new threads, and even a reference to the turtle blimp.  I love it.  There's one issue left in this crossover mini-series, and it should surprise precisely zero people that the Turtles will be returned to their home dimension.  What I'm most curious about is the fate of Chi-You.  Those reading the series will know his siblings and that there's a bit of a rivalry between them.  Chi-You's undergone a transformation since arriving in the Ghostbuster's dimension and I wonder whether we'll see him again in future issues of Turtles or not.  Also, there's only one issue left of the Ghostbusters.  As a rather large fan of the recently concluded IDW series, I hope they receive a new series sooner rather than later.

I read a recent CBR article that said the book will be on hiatus until March and then undergoing some major changes.  After reading this, I can understand why: our cast has been scattered to the four winds.  The article states this allows them to tell any type of story they want, and that definitely seems possible now in a way that wasn't before.  I'll miss the interactions of so many personalities in close proximity but look forward to what's to come.  I find myself especially curious to see what the generals get up to next.