Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Last Week's Comics Today - 09/27/2016

Almost everything I read this week was great.  Choosing a Pick of the Week was relatively easy, but separating everything else from those I wanted to spotlight with an honorable mention was much more difficult.

Pick of the Week
Lucifer #10 - This is probably the best issue yet.  If you liked Mike Carey's Lucifer, you need to be reading this series.  It's really that simple.  I could write something vague about what happens in the issue (some seriously massive shit goes down), but why?  Just buy it and read it.

Honorable Mention
Rumble #14 - It's ridiculous how much I love this book.  More action than usual as Rathraq and Rathraq's possessed body are fighting on every side.  But the comedy and human moments aren't left out either.  Also, Rathraq's heart!  How this book juggles so much, while remaining consistently good, and managing to make it look effortless is beyond me.

Superman #7 - Probably my favorite issue of the series.  After helping some Leaguers early in the issue, Clark arrives home and takes the family to the fair.  It's all very nostalgic, like a moment out of time.  The writing is fantastic and the art is gorgeous.  I've said it before, and I'm likely to keep saying it - this is the first time I've ever cared about Superman.  Highly recommended.

Trinity #1 - I can't stop wondering who gave Jon those seeds.  Naturally, I have an idea, and think it'd be awesome if I were right... but I'd love to be surprised if it's someone unexpected too.  Anyway, Bruce and Diana come to the Smith's for dinner.  The whole thing is well written and drawn and this will immediately be added to my pull list.

Everything else
Black Hammer #3 - If it wasn't clear the cast are based on well-known corporate-owned characters, one of those becomes MUCH more obvious here.  We're shown the back-story for Barbalien, and it's well done.  The not-quite-origin is inter-spliced with scenes of him in the present and minor check-ins with Gail and Abe.  I found the scenes with Barbalien's outsider status in the present strike a chord inside me I didn't know was there.  And then seeing Gail on the roof... rough stuff.  If you're looking for a comic to make you feel, this is certainly one.

Chew #58 - Much like this week's Superman, Tony tries to have a quiet day with the woman he loves.  Things quickly and comically go off the rails.  Even still, this manages to be a lull (but not dull!) after the recent Savoy- and plot-heavy last couple issues, and what's sure to be a wild finish.  It's hard to tell what the final page of the issue means... but I don't expect it's good.

Empress #6 - Of the major events to unfold this issue, I predicted all but one back in the first issue.  Not that I think I have some special ability or anything, it just seemed obvious from the outset.  That's also not to say the book hasn't been enjoyable despite knowing (guessing) these things would happen.  The book is still a fun read, and research shows spoilers enhance a story rather than detract.  With all that said, the one thing I didn't predict is a delight since it has the most potential to make a truly unpredictable finish.  ...though I further predict the story won't fully wrap up next issue and we'll get a second series next year.  Maybe I'm wrong!  Starlight managed to wrap everything up when I didn't see how it possibly could.

Justice League #5 - The Justice League save the world!  Or did they?  For the last couple issues I've thought the Kindred were there to help, but the league fights them just as hard as they fought the invasion.  They're all so convinced they had me questioning what I firmly believed.  I love the ambiguity - that I question what the League did here.  What WERE the Kindred trying to do?  I AM certain their actions here will echo into future.  This book is one of DC's best. 

Mighty Thor #11 - Cancer-ridden Jane Foster teams up with Thor, and it's pretty amazing.  This issue wraps up a lot of plotlines, so I'm sure we're in for something new next issue.  Back to Malekith?  I don't know, I haven't looked at the solicits in a while.  Doesn't matter, I'm getting this book for as long as Aaron's on it.

Seven To Eternity #1 - I listen to a lot of audiobooks.  Fantasy tends to be the most difficult genre to determine whether I'll like a book or not before purchasing.  Some go for a kind of immersion technique that bombard you with a bunch of invented nouns and leave it to the reader to figure things out.  Seven to Eternity is this kind of comic.  It's the weakest book I read this week, and that's not good.  The art isn't as good as I think it should be.  I like Opena and Hollingsworth, separately, but I'm not sure the two together are the best team.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #62 - Several plots moved incrementally forward, which is pretty normal for this title.  It's a bit like TV in that multiple plotlines are happening in the short-, medium-, and long-term and get touched on each "episode" until one builds to a major event.  This may sound generic, but in a world filed with writing-for-the-trade and a few done-in-ones, this feels like a genuine serial story.  There's likely to be something big going down next issue.

Transformers: Till All Are One #4 - As seen on the cover, Bruticus!  There's a good amount that happens here, and all of it well told and rendered.  Windblade tries talking, Chromia makes a decision, Blast Off fights as best he can, Starscream schemes in both the past and present (naturally), Ironhide arrests someone, AND THERE'S BRUTICUS.  I mean, did you see that cover?!  All of this will have repercussions for some time.

The Wicked & The Divine 1831 #1 - Simply put, this is 1) separate from the main series and 2) highly entertaining.  I say it's separate, but it's hard to know if a new reader would feel the same way.  There should be enough material on the "recap" page to get everyone up to speed, but I'm saying that as someone that's read what came before.  Also, I'm very interested to see if any of the elements introduced here will be followed up upon.  Well written and drawn, I'd recommend it to anyone interested in checking out the series.