Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Last Week's Comics Today - 9/13/2016

Pick of the Week
Moon Knight #6 - If you know anything about Moon Knight, you likely know he's got some mental problems.  That's on full display here using multiple artists with dramatically different styles to illustrate his shifting reality.  That's all I'm going to say about what happens in this issue, but it really should be read and seen.  Highly recommended.

Justice League #4 - This is a top-tier superhero comic.  It's filled with ideas that would have fit in with old-school Authority, but starring the Justice League.  We get more answers about just what's going on, though not ALL of them... yet.  And it seems like even if they prevent the immediate threats (there's at least two) to Earth, more are lining up for down the line.  Highly recommended.  I hope this team stays on for a long time to come.

Everything else
Superman #6 - A great end to the opening rebirth arc.  It got a little dodgy in the middle issues with some confusing fight panels and a submarine in space, but all that is behind them now.  I was a huge fan of Tomasi and Gleason on Batman and Robin, but this is even better.  Seeing the multiple post-battle hero poses (not just for the man himself!) confirmed it.  It does out of step with Action Comics, since people seem surprised Superman is back even though he showed up and picked a fight with Luthor and then has been fighting Doomsday ever since, so surely someone should have taken note of that.  Right?  This paragraph makes it sound like I have more issues with the series than I do.  It's good.  I recommended it.

Sheriff Of Babylon #10 - This issue turns everything on its head.  As the book barrels toward its conclusion, threads from throughout the series are getting pulled together.  I'll probably have roughly the same thing to say about the next two issues as well.  If you're at all interested in the series, pick up the eventual collection.  It's very good and will read better when not spread out over a year.

Unfollow #11 - Some shit goes down in this issue and there's a great cliffhanger, but none of that means anything to you if you haven't been reading.  Unfollow reminds me of the Vertigo of old, when books like Y The Last Man and DMZ were being published.  If that sounds good to you, give it a try.  But I fear many people are writing off Vertigo due to the rise of Image, Hellblazer jumping to the main DC universe, Young Animal, and people writing off DC as a whole due to New52 or DCYou.  Vertigo lives on and continues to produce good work... if anyone would bother to give them a shot.

Kill Or Be Killed #2 - I really like this series, but am finding it hard to explain why.  Hopefully, all I need to say is it's Brubaker and Phillips.  If you're unfamiliar with the team, pick up the first issue and see what everyone's been talking about for more than a decade.  The art is appropriately dark and moody.  The writing is... I'm in love with the narration, but obviously that's only a piece of the writing.  At this point, it's hard to tell where the story is going, but I'm along for the ride to find out.

Night's Dominion #1 - An interesting set of characters and a plan that will surely go wrong are a good start, but I didn't find the art as strong as Naifeh's work on Courtney Crumrin or Polly and the Pirates.  I find the faces aren't as distinct as previous work and there's a character that's apparently a man I'm constantly thinking is a woman.  It's a stumble, but I'll give the series another issue or two based on the strength of Naifeh's previous work.

Paper Girls #9 - Basically no plot advancement, but all the girls plus the two extra Erins are together now.  Still, some riveting reading as everyone tries to decide what to do next and who to trust.  It's good.  I'm hooked.

Skybourne #1 - The only reason I have the slightest idea about what's going on in this book is due to a one-line description from a YouTube video.  There are some people that want a sword and whomever happens to possess said sword is trying to stop those people from getting it.  It's well drawn, but the story is razor thin.  And that's not good for only being a five-issue series.